ServiceReef saves your organization time and money.  

We do that through powerful, easy-to-use features that have reduced administrative workloads for our customers by up to 80%.  Check out a handful of our Small Groups and Missions features below. 


Small Groups

Learning often is enhanced in smaller environments, which is why we built our Small Groups module to connect and encourage communication between group members.


Finding a Small Group

Finding a small group can be time consuming for organization administrators and group members.  We make that easy with group filtering, plotting groups on a map, and list views to see more details on available groups.



Empower Group Leaders

Let group leaders set their own meeting times, pick a group study, and communicate with their group members directly all within ServiceReef.



Curriculum Management

Add curriculum to a master list that your groups can choose from.  Curriculum is broken down into sessions, with the option for videos and downloadable resources, giving your groups a guide to follow along with.



Streamlined Communication

Using email for group communication is cumbersome, and messages get lost in a sea of replies.  With our group message board, conversations stay together and it's easy to see who's saying what.


Additional Group Features

With so many great features, we couldn't list them all.  But, here are just a few more that we think you'll love. 

Group Privacy Settings

Built-in Email Sender

Member Management

Customizable Group Pages

Group Leader Management

Request to Join Approvals

Curriculum Licensing

Create Custom Curriculum


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When you use ServiceReef to manage your organization's missions, everything is streamlined: Trip Setup, Signups, Fundraising, Team Communication, and much more.  Take a look at some of these features in action below.


Mission Trip Dashboards

Is your organization still using spreadsheets and sticky notes to stay organized?  We've created a better way through Trip Dashboards.  With easily accessible info on all of your past, current, and upcoming trips, as well as stats on your users, you'll never go back to the filing cabinet again.



Customized Event Pages

One big barrier for people getting involved in missions is a lack of information. With our customized event pages, you can outline every aspect of your trip, upload photos, videos, and downloadable resources to help trip participants prepare for their journey.



Trip Applications

As an organization administrator, you can build master applications with a simple drag and drop interface that can quickly be applied to any new trip that is added to ServiceReef.  Users can then apply online, and you can notify them of acceptance right within the site.



Personal Fundraising Pages

Raising money for a trip can be tough for a variety of reasons. We've made that process simpler and more personal with our fundraising pages. Each trip participant gets their own unique, customizable page they can send out to donors, and donors can give right through the site. These pages also serve as update points for trip participants through the Team Blog, where they share stories with donors and other members of your organization.




Perhaps one of the most important, yet often overlooked, pieces of missions planning is the budget.  Our budgeting feature presents a straightforward way to add budget items, track expenses, and give you a clear picture on where your money is going for every trip.


Additional Missions Features

Below are even more great features that ServiceReef has to offer. 

Security & Privacy Levels

Event Requirements

Real Time Donation Updates

Admin Permissions

Forms Management

Organization Reports

Partner Management

Meeting Management

Email Sender

Embed Widgets

Online Donations

Sub Accounts (for families)


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