Now is the time to build your missional community.


Here’s how to get started:

1. Contact Us

Give us a call at XXX-XXX-XXXX or click on the email link below.  We’ll answer any questions you have and learn more about your unique vision and challenges.  And we promise not to hound you after we talk.  

2. Take a Tour of ServiceReef

Let’s review your needs and discuss how ServiceReef builds a solution to help solve your needs for engaging your community in missional living.  

3. Scope and Select your ServiceReef Solution

We’ll work with you to determine specific priority areas and needs, platform personalization and integration requirements, timeline, and so on… and of course pricing.  ServiceReef is a subscription-based solution securely hosted in the cloud, starting as low as $49/month - higher if you have more complex, larger scale needs.  In addition, there are upfront professional service fees for personalization, user education and any required integrations.  The most important thing we’ll do is help you determine a new world of missional life strategies that ServiceReef can help you engage.

4. Launch

Coincide it with your annual missions kick off?  Start small?  Start big?  Together, we’ll determine the best launch strategy for your organization to reach maximum success.  

5. Optimization

We’ll check-in with you regularly, review your system use, discuss your new opportunities and challenges, and recommend ways to ensure optimal engagement.  And since ServiceReef is a cloud based solution, every time we release a new version with new features, you will have access to all of these new resources.  

6. ServiceReef Community & Knowledge Base

Once you've joined the ServiceReef community we'll invite you into our Knowledge Base and information share that will allow you, as a leader and administrator, to connect with other leaders of missional communities and access the full resources for building excellent communities of missional living.  

It’s time to start building your community of missional living individuals!