X362 and ServiceReef

Your organization works with trusted technology providers X362 and ServiceReef to provide you an excellent community experience. These software platforms enable a variety of engagement points for you and others in the community, such as content, events, online groups, small groups, serving opportunities, directories, and more.  


X362 is a software that builds an online community.  Here you find meaningful content, events to attend, connect with other members, create groups, see shared common interests, and much more.

ServiceReef is a software built to mobilize you toward missional living.  This is done primarily through small groups and short term trips (volunteerism). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are X362 and ServiceReef integrated?

These two tools are integrated because your organization wants to provide you a rich engagement experience throughout the year.  You may use ServiceReef for a small group or short term volunteer opportunity but you also want to stay engaged throughout the year with new content, potential events, and even connect with others in the community.  X362 enables the fuller year long experience.  

How are X362 and ServiceReef integrated?

X362 and ServiceReef are each a unique and individual platform now with a highly integrated interface (a highly advanced API for the technically interested).  When you integrate your accounts you are most importantly creating a simple sign on experience between both platforms.  Essentially, if you are logged into one platform and click on a link to the other platform, you will automatically be signed in so make your experience simpler.  

Do I need to do anything to link my accounts?

Yes, you can link your accounts either from ServiceReef or X362.  Simply go to your personal profile and you’ll see an Integration button on either platform.  From here you can quickly link your two accounts together.  

Can I un-link my account?

Yes, go to the same Integration link in your profile and simply click the unlink button.  

What information is shared between systems?

You still control what’s shared and both profiles remain secure for your personalization.  When you choose to link accounts at the time of creating a new account then we will pre-populate some information like your name and email.  Additionally, your organization will be able to view all participant members within ServiceReef and see which do and don’t have an X362 account.  

What about security?

Both X362 and ServiceReef operate with industry standard best practices.  Both platforms are designed in the same coding language with the same rigor for encryption and data protection.  Both systems are also hosted with Microsoft Azure cloud storage.  

What if I don’t currently have an X362 profile?

That’s easy… let’s get you started.  Simply visit the membership page for your organization, choose a membership type, and get started.  You can do the same in ServiceReef but you may just want to wait until you need to sign up for a small group or serving opportunity.