Connecting X362 and ServiceReef
for Your Organization

X362 and ServiceReef have partnered together to provide you and your members a rich experience to engage together and with your vision.  Together these tools enable a variety of engagement points for your members to not only engage once or twice but to stay engaged for the long term.  


X362 is a software that builds an online community.  Members can find meaningful content, events to attend, create groups, see shared common interests, and much more.

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ServiceReef is a software built to mobilize your members toward missional living.  This is done primarily through small groups and short term trips (volunteerism).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are X362 and ServiceReef integrated?

Consider this… you have a vision, you want people engaged in your vision, and you need to “feed” your members both things to encourage them and ways to be engaged.  X362 provides an environment for your members to stay engaged 365 days a year.  ServiceReef compliments this by providing ways to learn more and serve more in those 365 days.

How are X362 and ServiceReef integrated?

X362 and ServiceReef are each a unique and individual platform now with a highly integrated interface (a highly advanced API for the technically interested).  When you integrate your accounts you are most importantly distributing your ServiceReef opportunities (small groups and short term trips) all through your community environments.  This happens in context of what we call Community DNA.  

What does this mean for our organization?

As mentioned above, Community DNA is the architecture for your community and for engaging your community meaningfully.  Let’s take for example your Community DNA stacks are professional fields, location, and personal interests.  Now when you create a small group or short term trip in ServiceReef, you will see your X362 Community DNA displayed (right on the ServiceReef page) so that you can note all the Community DNA Attributes applicable to this single opportunity.  Now this ServiceReef opportunity automatically places itself on each of the X362 Neighborhood pages (ex: professional area of engineering).  This allows a highly targeted marketing means for the opportunities you offer your members. 

What does this mean for our members?

Your members can link their accounts for the ease of only having one log in.  This is very similar to how a Facebook single sign on might work.  The user can unlink their account at any time.  

How do ServiceReef participants become X362 community members?

This is very important to us as ServiceReef provides excellent points of engagement but X362 provides a lifelong community for continued engagement.  Once an individual signs up for a small group or short term trip (in ServiceReef) they are prompted to create an X362 account and shown the benefits of doing so.  Each user will be given a strategic series of messages to come in and join the X362 community.  You will also need to encourage this process and help explain the value to your members as we do leave this to their discretion.  

What about security?

Both X362 and ServiceReef operate with industry standard best practices.  Both platforms are designed in the same coding language with the same rigor for encryption and data protection.  Both systems are also hosted with Microsoft Azure cloud storage.  

What if we don’t currently use X362?

You’re missing out!  X362 is like no other platform to keep your members engaged around your vision.  We’ve seen communities grow 50x by using the philosophies and technologies behind X362. 

What if we don’t currently use ServiceReef?

ServiceReef is more than the management of small groups and short term trips… it’s a means to mobilize your members toward missional living.  Our goal is that each of your members will increase in their lifestyle of learning and serving.  We’ve seen organizations save greater than 80% of their time for managing these items and incredible engagement from their members. 

Can we unlink our accounts?

Yes, you can unlink your account at any time… but many things will be lost.  We discourage this but you can do this.  

How do we get started?

Wise choice!  Contact us or to get started.  Let us know your interested in integrating accounts and we’ll start the process.  Our team will guide you through each step of the process.